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Using your cell phone

When you use our website on your cell phone, it is a little different than on a PC.


Please note under the categories, the drop down arrows for more information, located to the right on your cell phone screen.

Example: when you go into the "Fares" category, you will see "Local Fares" then if you look to the right on your screen, you will see a dropdown arrow for "Long Distance" fares.


If you are having trouble putting on your cell phone, try



Filling out forms on your cell phone

When filling out the empty fields on any forms, the cell phone does not tell you the required fields to be filled out, until you hit the "send message" button.  If you hit the "send message" button, and an error appears, this means you have missed a required field.

All fields are mandatory except for: the "special intructions" field or the "Message" field, or any other fields that say "if needed" or "if any changes"


When you go into a form, there is a drop down arrow to your right with helpfull hints

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