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Setting up A Prepaid Account

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Prepaid information

Please fill out the form provided, to set up a Prepaid Account. Our office keeps your Credit Card information on file, and we will charge you when the job is completed, and then a detailed "Paid in Full" statement will be emailed to you. Please double check your proper email address, as this directs the reply 


The fares for this service will be more than the standard fares, due to administration fees, credit card fees,  and flight tracking. If you would like to know the fare for your service in advance, please fill out the form below


If you are uncomfortable putting your credit card info online, you can call [email protected] 1-902-456-1265


Cancellations will be charged full fare if we are not given ample time.  If we are enroute to your booking, you will be charged.  Cancellations due to cancelled or diverted flights do not apply.  Please use our cancellation form provided.If cancellations are for today, please call  1-902-456-1265 as well.




Using a mobile cell

FYI:  For setting up a prepaid account, ALL fields are mandatory, except the Special instructions field

Want a Prepaid Price

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