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Booking One way only. 

Thank you for contacting Airline Taxi & Limousine. A confirmation will be sent as soon as possible. If this booking is for today,and you have not received a confirmation within the hour, can you please call us also, at 1-902-456-1265
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Help with booking

 Pickup Date-if it is for today, please call  1-902-456-1265, to get a confirmation as well , in case this online booking is not read and replied back  in time


Paying by- "account" means either Prepaid (we already have your credit card on file) or invoiced(previously setup) Sorry, we no longer accept "New" invoiced Accounts.


Pickup location- we need an address, or flight number if it is at the Airport.


Pickup time- arrival time of your flight, if it is at the Airport.


Destination-to the Airport, or to an address


Contact number-of the passenger.(incase there are any concerns)


Your email address-this is where the confirmation of the booking will be sent. Please double check your proper email address, as this directs the reply



CANCELLATIONS: please contact us A.S.A.P.using our cancellation form . If it is a cancellation for today, please call  1-902-456-1265 a.s.a.p. also, incase this cancellation is not read and confirmed back to intime

Airport procedures

See the drop down arrow for "Airport Arrival Procedures" under "Booking"


  • We track all flights, so please don't worry if your flight is early or late.We will know about it. But if you CHANGE your flight number, please contact us A.S.A.P.using our "Changing Original Booking" Form, or if it is for today, please call  1-902-456-1265 as well, incase the online change is not read and confirmed intime.


Scheduling a pickup time

We suggest a pickup time of one and a half hours before your departure time, (from the City to the Airport) You may have to be picked up earlier, depending on what your Airline requests, and if you have to go through customs

Arriving after midnight

If you are arriving after midnight, please state the Date of Arrival, and not your departure Date.

(Example: you may be departing on Jan 1, but you are arrivng on Jan 2.)

Using a Mobile Phone

FYI: ALL fields are mandatory, except the Special Instructions

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