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Airport Arrival Procedures.  

Step 1




Upon arrival at the Airport, and after you have recieved your luggage, please report your name to the Ground Transportation Booth. This is located to the right of the exit doors, across from the luggage carousels .(for Domestic flights.)



For the passengers exiting the Customs doors, you will see the Ground Transportation Booth on your right, as you exit the Custom doors

Step 2


You will then be directed to the exit door for the "pre-arranged" location, where you will be met by our vehicle. This will be just outside the exit doors slightly to your right. There is a sign outside that reads "pre-arranged".  FYI: Our vehicles are  waiting in a holding compound, so we will be there in about one minute, after you have reported your name to the Ground Transportation Booth.


If there is bad weather, just wait inside the door, and we will greet you.


Please announce to the Driver, that you are with "Airline Taxi & Limousine", as to be sure you have the right vehicle. Sometimes there are a few vehicles coming up to this area, at the same time

Any Problems?





If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to call  1-902-456-1265


In this Photo:  On the left is the exit doors, on the right is the Ground Transportation Booth. Our car will be greeting you outside,between these two places.

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